Friday, January 13, 2006


Imani Radio was born out of the need to reach out to the rural communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Radio media. The statistics carried out revealed that Kenya currently has more than 175 licensed FM stations, out of these, only 25% are based in the rural towns and only 2% are Christian centered.

It is out of these compelling revelations that the idea of Imani Radio was mooted to stand in the gap of the mainstream media houses that offered only secular programmes. To this end, Imani has a blend of two languages, Kiswahili and English in its programming. On a typical day, Imani broadcasts music with a message & programming with a purpose of reaching out to the audience through teaching and preaching the Good News.

The role of IMANI in serving audiences and the potential to fulfill a wider purpose, both in this industry and the wider society; is in our style of music and the speakers and preachers that we air each day. They are designed to compliment and be an extension of the church. It is not the desire of Imani to replace the church. In fact, we encourage our listeners to faithfully attend a Bible-believing church and not let Imani Radio be their church. As well, most of our preachers are pastors of churches. The church is the central figure in this ministry and it is our desire to help our local churches and not work against them.
Imani has curved out its niche and has easily emerged as one of the major Christian stations in the region that listeners can rely on for spiritual growth and nourishment.
Our overall focus remain to create spiritual awareness, maintain the sovereignty of the church and expand on the already existing strategies to spread the gospel to the un-reached, before the second coming of our Lord.

“So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”

Our station runs for 24 hours in a blend of Kiswahili and English programming which is meant to compliment each other to reach a wider audience. The Kiswahili programming is meant to serve the rural communities whose large population can only understand Kiswahili. English programming is targeted to the youth and the working class audiences in both rural and urban areas. To this end, there has been a remarkable and outstanding response from those who have committed their lives to Christ after having listened to music & preaching through Imani Radio and the glory and honor is to God.

The core values, in which we espouse, lie in the hearts of what brings people together in order to accomplish a common aim or task. People join with others who share and are motivated by the same values. Our desire is to be able to broadcast the love of Jesus Christ to as many nations as the Lord leads. We are looking unto God to provide resources for the expansion of Imani Radio in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the Southern Sudan. If the Lord leads you to support this ministry, please ask for details of our expansion programme and the staffing needs.


  • I/My Church / Company will pray with Imani Radio for the ministry and about my/our participation.
  • I/My Church / Company is interested in supporting needs of the radio expansion program (Kapenguria, Lodwar, Webuye & Timboroa Tower sites)
  • I/My Church / Company is interested in
    supporting Imani Radio Staff in Kenya
  • I am interested in knowing more about volunteering at Imani Radio
  • I would like to support the equipping of Imani Recording Studio

Please contact us on:
TELEPHONE: 254 54 30438 / 254 54 31283 Mobile: 254 722 331412

Address: Imani Radio, P.O. Box 1284, KITALE – 30200. Kenya

Please return this form to:
Imani Radio, P.O. Box 1284
KITALE – 30200. Kenya

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